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SaintéLyonNews60th edition, who says better than this?

When a handful of hedonic pioneers embark on the adventure of foot raid from Saint Etienne city-to Lyon city in 1951, on the snowy trails of the “Monts du Lyonnais” (Lyon city Mountains), they certainly not imagine that 60 editions later, starting from the most classic French nature of the race, more than 12,000 runners from all walks will follow their steps. It became now a cult event for the end of the season with winter and nocturnal conditions combined with the magic of a single continuous ribbon of front lights between two cities. It’s a human adventure to live and relive.

This sixtieth edition will be monumental for several reasons: renewal of more than 40% of the route, taking portions of old historic Saintélyon routes, bringing the total mileage to 75 km (60% of roads). A new host village for all runners in Lyon city-Gerland, the creation of a new short race: The “Sainte Sprint”, a novel final in Lyon, in full swing of Festival of Lights … and many other surprises.

A sleepless night you’ll never forget.

So many reasons to register now!

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